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Chapter 5

Understanding the Elements

Understanding The Elements Of A Juice Cleanse

Juicing is a great way to get important vitamins and nutrients into your body. But what exactly makes juicing so beneficial for your body?

The answer: Micronutrients.


The Power Of Micronutrients

Although microscopic in size, these tiny chemical elements can contribute to your overall body health in a big way! Found in a variety of well-known vitamins and minerals, micronutrients function like worker bees in your body, each with a specific job to ensure proper internal functionality.

Most of these micronutrients aren’t naturally produced by your body, so familiarizing yourself with micronutrient-rich sources and ensuring you’re getting the proper amount of each is important. Your body only requires a small amount of micronutrients to benefit from their abundant health benefits.

Micronutrients You’ll Find In A Juice Cleanse

Vitamin A

Benefits: Healthy eyesight & gums

Get it from: Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B

Benefits: Energy production & proper digestion

Get it from: Spinach, collard greens

Vitamin C

Benefits: Healthy functioning immune system

Get it from: Citrus fruits, kale, parsley, cabbage

Vitamin E

Benefits: Preventing free radical damage

Get it from: Spinach, avocado, kale


Benefits: Red blood cell production

Get it from: Dark leafy greens, spinach


Benefits: Strong bones & teeth

Get it from: Kale, spinach, beet greens


Benefits: Nervous system health

Get it from: Spinach, avocado, beet greens

Toxins In The Body

We all have our vices. Whether it’s fast food indulgences or having a few too many cocktails on the weekend—these all contribute to the level of toxins in our bodies. But they aren’t the only culprits! These toxins include free radicals produced by the body, synthetic chemicals like preservatives and pesticides, and even air pollution and heavy metals. Toxins like these can impact our health and are hard to dodge.

Various toxins can interfere with your healthy internal balance. These toxins can cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Stuffy Sinuses

Luckily, your body is equipped with toxin-fighting organs, like your liver, kidneys, and lungs.

To pack the strongest toxin-fighting punch, your body needs it’s daily dose of essential vitamins and micronutrients. Found in raw leafy greens and vibrant produce, these foods provide your body the strength it needs to boost the performance of your toxin-fighting organs and protect and defend your body from toxins.

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