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Hey there! We’re Pulp & Press Juice Co. – one of North America’s leading functional beverage manufacturer. We care about providing delicious juice products made from the freshest, certified-organic ingredients.

Founded in 2014 – Pulp & Press stands for making health convenient, accessible, and delicious for everyone. We offer a variety of raw, organic juices and plant-based health products that use only the highest quality ingredients, helping us support our customers, community, and fans.







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4 Benefits of Partnering with Us:

1. Our cold-pressed juice contains 3-4 pounds of produce per bottle, so your customers will have access to one of the most nutrient-dense juices on the market.

2. Only raw, fresh, and organic ingredients go into our bottles. While other juice brands cut corners by using frozen produce or concentrates, we always strive for peak freshness.

3. We have multiple production facilities across North America, so we can offer up to 300,000 units per week. This means you can trust us for seamless supply chain and logistics planning.

4. Thanks to our cold-pressed technology, our products are never heat-treated – so they’re fresh and packed with nutrients from the moment they reach your customers – guaranteeing a refrigerated shelf life of 180 days.

Our Product Lines

All products are certified organic.

Certified Kosher
Eco Cert
An orange beside a bottle of Kalefornia juice

Cold-pressed Juice

8+ SKUs

Vegan Smoothies

5 SKUs

Wellness Shot Elixirs

4 SKUs

Pulp & Press is now available at Kings Food Markets and Balducci’s

We have some exciting news for our American friends! You can now find Pulp & Press at your local Kings Food Markets and Balducci’s locations nationwide!
Read Article titled. Pulp & Press is now available at Kings Food Markets and Balducci’s

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