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Chapter 3

What is HPP (High Pressure Processing)?

What Is HPP?

High pressure processing (HPP) is a natural method in which fruits and vegetables are processed under very high pressure—no heat involved. Using this method allows the juice to maintain the quality and nutrients of its ingredients, unlike heat pasteurization.

FACT: HPP retains taste, texture, nutrition, and quality of each ingredient in the juice.

Why (Heat-free) HPP Is The Way To Go

Heat pasteurization is designed to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of the product by exposing juice to high heat. This negatively alters the fruit and vegetable enzymes, vitamins and minerals—meaning juice processed this way is less fresh and less nutritious. Not what you’re looking for in a juice cleanse!

Unlike heat pasteurization, HPP retains the taste, texture, nutrition, and quality of each ingredient in the juice. The process kills harmful organisms and bacteria without compromising the nutritional value—and also extends the shelf life so you have even longer to enjoy your juice.

HPP is 100% natural, so you get the most nutritional benefits compared to other processing methods.

Benefits of HPP

Raw & Fresh

No heat means each ingredient remains raw and fresh, with maximum nutritional benefits—so you get the most out of every sip.

Preserves Nutrients & Enzymes

With HPP, the nutrients and enzymes aren’t compromised, so all the good stuff makes its way into your juice.

Extends Shelf Life

Using HPP helps reduce waste by giving out juices a longer shelf life (our juices are good to drink for up to 6 months) - without the need to add any chemicals or preservatives.

Kills Bacteria & Pathogens

Juice is subjected to 87,000 PSI, killing any bacteria and microorganisms, meeting strict food safety stands from Health Canada & the FDA.

Preserves Enzymes & Nutrients

With HPP, the nutrients and enzymes aren't compromised, so all the good stuff makes its way into your juice.

The Pulp & Press Process

We use a high tech, hydraulic cold press juicer to make each and every one of our juices. At the top of its class, our hydraulic juice presses each of the ingredients slower, and with more pressure and precision. Other juicing machines work at a much faster rate, compromising the crucial nutrients and enzymes, as well as potentially oxidizing the juice.

Because of the slow process, hydraulic cold press juicers can create a larger quantity of juice with each batch, utilizing more of the whole fresh fruits and vegetables. The result? Less waste, more delicious juice!

Once the cold pressed juices are bottled, they go through the HPP process, where the bottles are put under extreme (heat-free!) pressure to kill any bacteria—but still retain their nutritional benefits.

This process helps ensure our juices will give you the maximum health benefits, so you get the best juicing experience.

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