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5 Reasons To Finally Commit To A Juice Cleanse

5 Reasons To Finally Commit To A Juice Cleanse

One of the most common questions we get is “why should I do a juice cleanse?”. There are many ways juice cleanses can benefit your lifestyle, diet, and eating preferences—from reducing sugar cravings to increasing your intake of important vitamins and minerals from nutrient-rich foods.

Doing a juice cleanse can be the kick-start you need to begin a healthy diet or maintain your current healthy habits.

Symptoms Of A Poor Diet

A poor diet can contribute to a lot of common troubles like:
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Junk food cravings
  • Weight gain
  • Digestive issues
If you experience any of these on a regular basis, it might be time to start thinking about healthy changes you can make to your daily routine—including committing to a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse can be a great first step toward breaking out of some of your less-than-healthy eating habits and allow you to start fresh with new ones!

5 Reasons You Should Try A Juice Cleanse

Aside from being delicious, a cold pressed juice cleanse has a lot of health advantages to offer. Whether you’re a healthy lifestyle veteran or a total newbie, juice cleanses have something to benefit everyone.
  1. Gives your digestive system a break.
  2. Juices take a lot less effort to digest than solid foods do, so it’s like a little vacation for your system. Once your cleanse period is over and you transition back to solid foods, your body will be able to digest healthy foods more easily and extract more nutrients.
  3. Reduces bloat.
  4. Increased fibre and fluid intake during a juice cleanse help reduce bloating and reduce feelings of sluggishness. Choose a juice cleanse that has high-fibre ingredients like carrots or beets to make the most of this benefit.
  5. Boosts energy.
  6. Sugar and caffeinated drinks may give you a temporary boost of energy, but after that energy is spent you’ll probably feel more run down than you did before. Juices full of fibre and other nutrients provide a steady stream of fuel to your body so you don’t experience the dreaded 3pm slump.
  7. Strengthens your immune system and nourishes your body.
  8. Raw juices with any kind of citrus, leafy greens, or ginger are packed with vitamin C. This helps to strengthen your immune system so you can better combat cold and flu germs. Just make sure the juice in your cleanse is cold pressed so there are no nutrients lost to heat.
  9. Helps control appetite.
  10. When you start a liquid diet for your cleanse period, you might feel hungry for the first little bit, but eventually, you’ll have fewer cravings for junk food and a reduced appetite. Switching to just juice for a couple of days breaks the craving cycle and helps you make healthier food choices afterwards.

Find Your Juice Cleanse

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Keep The Healthy Habits Going

The beauty of a juice cleanse is that it gives your body the chance to go back to a more natural rhythm. Now that you’re not feeling bloated, sluggish, or hungry (even hangry) it’s easier to stick to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Long-term benefits of your healthier eating habits include:
  • More consistent energy
  • With your healthy eating habits in place and your body absorbing nutrients more efficiently, you’ll have a more consistent energy flow.
  • Fewer sick days
  • The juice cleanse and your new healthier diet has all the nutrients that will strengthen your immune system. This will help protect you from nasty bugs so you can be present and productive.
  • Better hydration
  • Since you’re already in the habit of drinking those juices, keep drinking fluids! Continue the habit with water (or more juice).
  • Reduced junk food cravings
  • Now that you’ve broken the craving cycle, you’ll enjoy fewer cravings for refined sugars and other junk food.
  • Improved motivation
  • With all of these benefits, you’re more likely to stick to your improved lifestyle rather than undo all your amazing progress!
Ready to commit to a juice cleanse? Learn about each of our cleanses and how to make the most of your juice cleanse from our Beginner's Guide To Juicing.
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