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Juicing Tips For Beginners (And What To Expect From Your First Cleanse)

Doing a juice cleanse for the first time can be a bit daunting. The idea of not eating anything solid for a couple of days can be intimidating for those who love food (like us). But trust us—the benefits outweigh the nerves, intimidation, and general feeling of unpreparedness that can come with cleansing for the first time.

There are many benefits and health advantages to be had from a juice cleanse. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, a juice cleanse can boost your energy and reduce bloating. If you’re trying to lose weight, a cleanse can help control your appetite. For more information on the benefits of juice cleansing, see our 5 Reasons To Finally Commit To A Juice Cleanse.

If you’re ready to cleanse, here are some juicing tips and tricks for beginners.

9 Juicing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

1. Choose the right cleanse.

Starting off with a 10-day cleanse could make for a challenging experience for your first time and turn you off juicing altogether. Go for a 3-day cleanse maximum at first, and work your way up to try a longer one later. Be sure to take any of your health and dietary concerns into account while choosing a cleanse.

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2. Prepare early.

Stick to lighter meals for a couple of days before you start your cleanse. In other words, don’t hit the buffet the night before you start your cleanse. If you’re a caffeine drinker, beware of potential caffeine withdrawal! It’s a good idea to try and wean yourself off of coffee and tea for a couple of days before your cleanse begins so these symptoms may be reduced.

3. Determine your health goals beforehand.

Think about what your health goals are and ask yourself what you’re looking to get from the juice cleanse. Having a clear goal will keep you motivated to complete the cleanse.

4. Limit social/professional events.

The timing of your first juice cleanse should also be considered. If you have a lot going on right now, it might be a good idea to wait until you have fewer important work-related things or social engagements on the go so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

5. Be aware of cravings.

You might notice thoughts about eating popping up out of nowhere (did someone say “popcorn”?). Don’t worry—this is completely normal. Your body is used to a routine that may include meals at a set time and now it’s adjusting to a cleanse. When cravings strike, take a sip of juice and continue on your day. You can do this!

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

You’re going to be peeing—a lot. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day along with your juice to make sure you’re replenishing your body’s fluids.

7. Look out for fatigue and crankiness.

Juice cleanses generally have a lower calorie count per day than what you’re used to. By the end of the day, you might be feeling sleepy or grumpy and that’s okay! It will get better. Maybe forego socializing if you’re not feeling up to it during your juice cleanse period. It’s okay to relax and put your feet up every once in a while!

8. Stick to lighter physical activities.

We encourage you to stay active during your cleanse, but for your first time stick to lighter exercise like yoga, walking, or swimming. Listen to your body and take it easy!

9. Don’t get discouraged!

If the first day comes to an end and you’re not feeling too great, don’t get discouraged! The first day is always the most difficult, even for experienced cleansers. Continue for the duration of your cleanse and see how you feel, even keep a journal if it helps you track your progress.

Are You Ready To Try Your First Juice Cleanse?

We hope reading these tips gave you a better idea of what to expect on your first juice cleanse. It’s normal to feel a little cranky and hungry at first but don’t give up! Once you do one juice cleanse the next ones will get easier and you’ll have more energy to do everything your busy life demands of you. You will also be better equipped to tackle those cravings both during the cleanse and when you’re back to your normal diet.

When your first juice cleanse is over you should feel lighter, less bloated, and ready to introduce healthy foods back into your diet. If you’re wondering what to eat after your first cleanse, read our handy guide What To Eat (And Drink) After A Juice Cleanse.

Find Your Juice Cleanse

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If you’re looking for some more information, download our Complete Guide To Juicing.

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