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Nature's Rhythm: A Guide to Spring Cleansing

Nature's Rhythm: A Guide to Spring Cleansing

As the ground starts to thaw and new life begins to appear, what is the first thing we see? Greens! Before canning, freezing, and importing foods, our meals were dictated by what was naturally available to us each season. We would spend the winter months consuming fall's harvest of pulses, grains, and root vegetables. Although these foods are rich in nutrients to support our bodies through those cold short days, by spring we were craving something fresh! Harvesting and consuming the greens that grew at the end of winter/early spring, provide nourishment and a gentle detox by removing any excess toxins that may have accumulated over the winter.

In today’s modern age, we now have access to a large variety of nutrients all year round! However, as the seasons have remained fairly consistent, so have our needs. That's why we advocate for aligning with Mother Nature's wisdom by prioritizing greens as the seasons transition. Continue reading to see why!

Why Are Greens Good For You?

Green vegetables are typically lower in sugar/calories but high in nutrients. This is beneficial because we can consume a lot more of them without impacting our weight and see improvements in other parts of the body simultaneously! Leafy greens in particular pack the biggest punch in this regard. You only need to consume a small amount to get a plethora of nutrients!

Introducing the Seasonal Green Cleanse

Introducing, the new and improved, Seasonal Green Cleanse! It’s similar to the old faithful Green Cleanse but with even more greens! We’ve brought back one of our fan-favorite juices “Citrus Celery” for a limited time to bring you a more impactful cleanse to help put that “spring” back in your step! Below is a list of all the green foods you can find in this cleanse and what you can expect from them.

  • Spinach - This leafy green is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C to just name a few essential nutrients, with almost no sugar per serving.2 The mineral content in particular, makes it a great ingredient in supporting cardiovascular health!3
  • Kale - This leafy wonder is also packed with a large variety of vitamins and minerals with beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) at the top of the list!4 As a result, your eyes and skin will be well supported with a steady supply of this nutrient.5
  • Celery - This veggie provides a variety of nutrients including sodium, calcium, iron, and vitamins K, A and C1 making it a great source of nutrients for cardiovascular health and immune health!
  • Spirulina - Lab tested to ensure you get nothing but the best from this super green algae, you can expect many benefits including fat burning and appetite reduction!6
  • Wheatgrass - A little goes a long way with this super green! Rich in antioxidants, studies have proven time and time again wheatgrass is an excellent remedy for fighting chronic illness.7
  • Cucumber - Rich in potassium, silicon and vitamin A, you can expect many benefits including a reduction in inflammation and stomach acid balancing from this green vegetable!8

I’d say it’s pretty clear, the best way to put some “spring” in your step this season, is by adding greens! How ever you get your greens in this spring (whether it be a cleanse or daily as part of your meals), we’ve got you covered!

Written by Julie VanHeart: Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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