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Are Elderberry Shots Good For You? 6 Benefits of Taking Elderberry Shots

Are Elderberry Shots Good For You? 6 Benefits of Taking Elderberry Shots

Found in parts of Europe and Southern Ontario, Canada, elderberries are becoming popular to households all over the world. Enjoyed in a variety of ways (teas, syrups, tinctures, wellness shots, and jams), this powerful superfood is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves because of its increasing popularity and many health benefits.

Elderberry shots are small but nutrient-dense bottles of cold pressed juice with lemon, ginger, and of course, elderberry! Wellness shots are a convenient but effective way to enjoy all the benefits of this superfood without any guesswork or hassle!

Why Are Elderberry Shots Good For You? 6 Science-Backed Elderberry Shot Health Benefits

Elderberry, the fruit of Sambucus nigra has been an underground remedy for centuries in holistic tribes and communities for a number of ailments. Even when consumed in small quantities in diluted form, this berry has proven its abilities time and time again.

Incorporating this rare yet essential ingredient can be difficult if it’s not normally a part of your day-to-day regime. Adding a wellness shot each morning will easily become routine and your body will thank you for it!

Science-backed reasons why we recommend elderberry as part of your wellness routine:

  1. Rich in Antioxidants: Elderberries are rich in many nutrients including anthocyanins, which have a high antioxidant activity. This means they work to reduce free radicals (negative toxin build-up in the body responsible for promoting disease and infection) lowering the risk of chronic disease and promoting health and longevity.
  2. Promotes Weight Loss and Regularity: Elderberry fruit acts as a gentle laxative and detoxifier, making this fruit a great remedy for constipation or to help weight loss. 2 Studies have also shown that regular consumption of elderberries can result in a lower BMI (body mass index) and overall quality of life.9
  3. Promotes Pain Relief: According to a number of resources, elderberries exhibit a reduction in pain and can be used as a natural painkiller against a number of inflammatory conditions including migraines, sciatica, and neuralgic pain.3-6
  4. Antibacterial and Antiviral: Extract of elderberries can help fight pathogenic bacteria responsible for infection specifically in the upper respiratory tract. Not only is this a great remedy for prevention, but if you’ve fallen behind on your daily dose and you get hit with something, the anti-viral properties mentioned above work fast in reducing the length and intensity of most common viruses!
  5. Blood Sugar Balancing: A study performed in 2017 showed blood sugar improvement and reduced insulin resistance in diabetic subjects when given an extract of elderberry over a 30 day trial. Of course, anyone with a chronic blood sugar imbalance, including Diabetes, should talk with their doctor before making any significant dietary changes.
  6. Better Mental Health: Say goodbye to the winter blues with regular consumption of elderberry (even in diluted form), studies have shown improvements in mood and even antidepressant potential! Anyone taking regular antidepressant pharmaceuticals should talk to their doctor before trying elderberry as a substitute or additional remedy for mental health. 9,10

Elderberry Wellness Shot Supporting Ingredients:

Though elderberry is the superstar ingredient in our shots, we’ve included a few other important ingredients that make this remedy a must-have in your daily wellness toolbox.

  • Apple - Rich in nutrients supportive of the digestive system and more specifically the gallbladder!
  • Lemon - Most known for its high vitamin C content, lemon juice provides a natural boost in immune health!
  • Ginger - This powerful root has many benefits to health including its ability to fight bad bacteria making it incredibly supportive in maintaining balance against many different pathogens!

When To Take Elderberry Shots

To create an easy routine, first thing in the morning with a glass of water is the best way to ensure you remember to get your daily elderberry wellness shot! This will set you on the right foot each day to feel your best with improvements in mood, digestion, and immune health. To get through that midday lull, taking an optional second shot could help regulate blood sugar levels and keep energy sustained without the dreaded afternoon crash!

How to Start Incorporating Elderberry Shots In Your Diet

Elderberry Shots have a wide variety of health benefits making them a perfect addition to daily wellness routines. Try including one a day to start enjoying these benefits today!

Pulp & Press offers Elderberry Shots as an easy nutritious remedy available at your fingertips. Order yours today individually or in quantities of 12 for a 2 week supply of wellness on-the-go!

elderberry cold pressed wellness shot pulp and press

Elderberry Wellness Shots

Purple is not just a pretty color—it’s mother nature’s sign of anthocyanins, which are strong antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects. Elderberry is known for its positive effects on the immune system and its ability to help fight off colds and flu.

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Written by Julie Hadland: Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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