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Immunity Boosting Juices

The immune system is your body's first line of defense against invaders. Good nutrition is one of the many ways you can help protect your immunity. If you're feeling run down or just not feeling 100% yourself, here are some of the juices we recommend to help get you back to feeling good.

Top Picks to Boost Immunity

Below is a list of our most-loved picks to help boost your immune system through balanced nutrition.

The Kickstart Cleanse

Loaded with immune-boosting nutrients, this low-commitment cleanse is a great trial cleanse for first-time juice cleansers. Designed to help your body get back on track and feeling good in a 2-day period.

  • 2 Day Cleanse
  • Beet juices to support healthy blood flow
  • Green juices to help detox your body
  • Wellness shots to support immune health
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Wellness Shots for Immunity

Do you deal with constant sniffles or feel like you're always fighting the flu? Get ready to strengthen your immunity with tiny (but mighty) wellness shots.

These colorful elixirs really pack a punch and give you a daily dose of vital immune-boosting nutrients.

  • Loaded with superfoods that fight inflammation
  • Anti-viral nutrients
  • Help remedy pesky aches and pains
  • Help keep your feeling 100% everyday
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Probiotics with 3 billion live vegan probiotic cultures per serving

Light, refreshing, and packed with vegan probiotic cultures. Probiotics add a healthy balance of good bacteria to your gut and help fight off the bad bacteria. Your immune system and your gut will be sure to thank you.

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Don't just take our word for it, the reviews are in!

Elderberry Wellness Shot

"Big wow! great taste and very helpful for immunity." – LINE

Ginger Wellness Shot

"The Turmeric and Ginger wellness shots are my favourite! So healthy, wish I could drink one every day for the rest of my life." – TARA

Wheatgrass Wellness Shot

"The elixirs from Pulp & Press are amazing.  It is a way to wake up every one of your senses!  I really liked the Wheatgrass Wellness Shot.  All the Wellness Shots are good but my favourite is the Elderberry.  It is a fresh start to the day for me." – DEBRA

1 Minute Cleanse Quiz

Wondering which cleanse best fits your lifestyle and health goals? Take this quiz and find out in less than a minute.

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1:1 Cleanse Consultations

We’re here to support you on your health journey every step of the way. Speak to our in-house cleanse consultant and get tailored feedback on which cleanse is right for you.

The Pulp & Press Promise

Organic Ingredients

Only the highest quality, locally sourced organic ingredients in each bottle.

Cold Pressed

Each drink is cold pressed, retaining the maximum nutritional value.

Only The Good

100% organic, with no additives, and no dilution or artificial flavors.

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