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Eat Like a Locavore

You may be vegan, vegetarian or even a self-proclaimed ā€œomnivoreā€ but have you ever thought about being a locavore? T...
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Should I Try A Juice Cleanse?

Friends, family members, and customers frequently ask us if a juice cleanse is right for them. Many people doubt their ability to complete a juice cleanse. If you have no major health problems, a juice cleanse is a great way to detoxify your body, relax an uptight digestive system, and pump your body full of powerful nutrients! Find out more about juice cleanses.
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Why Do You Eat Organic? 24 Reasons & Counting

Do you eat organic? We've compiled a list of the best reasons we could think of, consulted the web, and asked you why you've gone organic. Here are the results:
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11 Creative Ways To Re-use Your Juicer Pulp

We're always thinkingĀ of ways to reduce waste and be moreĀ eco-friendly. If you're new toĀ juicing, you might be shockedĀ at the amount of pulp that is leftover, and unsure about what to do with it. No longer will you have to wonder, because we've put together this list of creative ways to re-use juicer pulp!
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